Junior Programming

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At West Indy Racquet Club, players move through a progression of courses to learn competencies that produce a well rounded tennis player. Red, Orange, and Green Aces are geared primarily toward players 12 years and younger. These classes use lower pressure tennis balls that move slower and bounce lower for players to properly learn foundations of tennis like footwork and swing pattern. Aces Technique, Aces Plus, and Aces Elite are for older, more developed players who are learning to play or are already playing competitively. Friday match play is the newest addition to the Aces Tennis Academy sequence as it allows for players to compete on a challenge ladder and practice the game of tennis beyond tennis drills and skills practice.


Red Aces

Red Aces a fun introduction to a game that can be played for a lifetime.  In Red Aces, beginners play games to introduce basic skills including swing pattern, balance, agility, and hand-eye coordination.  Players begin learning the basics of the tennis court and tennis racquet at this stage.  [Foam ball recommended for ages 5 and under; Red dot ball recommended for ages 7 and under]

Orange/Green Aces

In Orange Aces, players will learn to rally and play points.  Teaching professionals will give specific instruction on serve, volley, and overhead strokes.  Continued emphasis is placed on agility, balance, movement, and basic tennis knowledge: scoring, match play, grips, court areas, and court area usage.

In Green Aces, we build upon the basic tennis knowledge in Orange Aces to add in more technique.  This includes, but is not limited to basic stroke patterns (when to go cross court and when to change directions), the net game, continental grip on volleys/serves/overhead shots, active feet, split step, and beginning stances.  Green Aces also introduces conditioning and more advanced agility and balance strategies as well as basic tournament knowledge.

Aces Technique

A perfect addition to your Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs classes, Sunday Aces Tennis Academy is designed for highly motivated players who aspire to be champions.  In this class, players have an opportunity to perfect their technique.  Every great tennis player has a foundation of strong technique coupled with game strategy that has allowed them to master tennis.  Even with the best strategy, a player with no technique has no game.  Join this Sunday afternoon class to focus on building a strong foundation of technique through drills, games, and footwork mastery.

Aces Plus

This class is for the intermediate tennis player who is preparing to advance to the next level of play.  Players will be introduced to drills over specific tennis techniques implemented by tournament players as well as agility, speed, balance, and footwork enhancements that make strong tennis players.  In this class, there is a focus on teamwork, mental toughness, and being a competent tennis player so that regardless of their entry level, junior players leave this class prepared to move to the next level of play.

Aces Elite

This class is for the advanced tennis player who is learning to master competitive play.  The focus of this class is playing smart tennis, moving like a proper tennis player, knowing your tennis opponent’s style, and choosing the right shot to make at the right time.  This class focuses on how to structure and play a point in a match, move on a tennis court, and understand an in-depth view on playing each point.

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